Why You Should Change Your Oil Before The Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. The weather is getting colder and more people will be traveling on the roads. If you are heading to see family in Dudley, MA or elsewhere, your oil may need to be changed before the big trip.

In fact, it may be vital to get one done before some major issues creep up on you. And no one wants to deal with car issues especially when it’s the holidays. Pro Automotive is your auto mechanic near Oxford, MA that wants you to have safe travels during the holidays.

We are happy to share with you some of our tips on why getting an oil change is important before the holidays. Let’s dive right in:

Oil changes are a regular thing

On average, you will need to change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, though this can vary depending on what kind of oil is used. Regardless, Pro Automotive has ASE Certified Technicians in three locations that will help you get it done.

Your oil will be changed on the same day with the high-quality, locally-operated service that makes us the talk of the town. If you go without an oil change, things can and will happen.

Save yourself engine trouble

Without an oil change, it can cause a wide variety of issues including engine failure. The number one cause of death in automobiles is engine related. But in case you do run into any trouble, Pro Automotive will be happy to help before things get worse.

Our high quality repair service has a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty on all new parts. While your vehicle is being worked on, you can use our loaner cars for free. Or if you need to go to work or home, we offer free rides to and from the shop.

Money saved = More holiday cheer

One of the biggest priorities during the holidays is buying gifts for your family or friends. It shouldn’t be spent on an expensive mechanic bill. Our auto mechanics near Southbridge, MA hold family in the highest regard. And we want to make sure your holiday savings don’t get eaten up due to emergency repairs.

To avoid such situations, an oil change might just be exactly what you need.

Get your oil changed now for the holidays

No time is better than now to get your oil changed, and Pro Automotive has you covered. We have three locations where you can go to get the professional service you deserve. If you live in Dudley, check out our location on 199 Oxford Avenue in Dudley, MA 01571. If you are near Webster, our location is 626 S. Main Street, Webster, MA 01570. Call our locations in Dudley at 508-213-4991 or Webster at 508-213-9497.




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