Why Winter Tires are a Good idea?

Winter in New England is around the corner. That means it’s time to get your winter tires installed. They are a good idea to have on your vehicle (and we’ll unveil three reasons why that is).

When it comes to what Old Man Winter can dish out, it can be a real mess out on the roads. Especially after a snowstorm hits the Dudley, MA area. Pro Automotive knows that your car needs to be winter ready before the season begins.

We have two locations in Dudley, MA and Webster, MA. Both offer you the same friendly, top of the line service that no other auto body shop delivers. With that in mind, here are the three reasons why you should put your winter tires on as soon as the time comes:

1. It’s highly suggested

While it’s not required by law in Massachusetts to have snow tires installed during the winter, it’s highly recommended that you do anyways. That’s because you don’t want to be the one causing a collision. With all the slipping and sliding that you might be doing without these tires, you might find yourself in a serious fender bender.

Not only will it be costly for the person who you hit, it might also be more costly for you as well. But it can be preventable. Pro Automotive provides you with high-quality tire installation service near Oxford, MA that is prompt, professional, and excellent in quality.

2. You get better grip in the snow

It’s obvious that snow tires will reign supreme when it comes to grip in winter weather. Especially when the roads have yet to be plowed. Even a couple inches of snow on the ground can spell disaster for vehicles that have all-season tires installed.

With snow tires, you don’t lose grip or control of your vehicle. You’ll be able to stay in your lane, make the turns, and slow your vehicle to a complete stop while keeping it straight. While they only get the job done in winter weather, they will be your best friend whenever you are commuting to work or traveling to visit family.

Pro Automotive will install your winter tires and have it done in minutes rather than all day. After all, we do same day installation and repairs. Plus, you get the benefit of a 3-year / 36,000 mile nationwide warranty on all parts including tires.

Plus, financing options are available if money is tight. The last thing we want is to financially squeeze you during the holidays.

3. They better handle cold road temperatures

Regular tires can crack depending on the temperature. Whether the road is too warm or too cold, cracks in the tires can lead to further damage. Thus, winter tires are durable enough to handle the roads even when they are almost close to freezing.

When there are small cracks within the tires, you’ll likely lose more air pressure than usual. Don’t let frequent trips to the gas station to use the air machine become part of your daily routine.

Let Pro Automotive Install Your Winter Tires

If you want to make your car ready for winter, now is the time to get started. Pro Automotive will work to make sure that your winter tires will be installed fast so you’re ready to take on the snow and ice with confidence. Don’t let your winter travels end in disaster.

Pro Automotive is happy to serve our customers in two locations. You can call our Dudley location at (508) 213-4991 or our Webster location at (508) 213-9497. You can also stop by either location at 199 Oxford Ave, Dudley, MA 01571 or 626 S Main Street, Webster, MA 01570.




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