What is ‘Question 1 - the Right to Repair’ about? Is it good?

Answers About Question 1: Right to Repair


We’ve been getting a lot of questions like this, “What is ‘Question 1 - the Right to Repair’ about? Is it good?”


If you’re wondering this too - here is why we are AGAINST question 1 and why we will vote NO to question 1:


Voting NO helps protect you and our community.


Basically, question 1 amends the Right to Repair Law that is already in place and requires manufacturers to install a standardized open data platform which would allow people/companies to get diagnostic data from your car wirelessly. 


Question 1 would give anyone (even untrained/unlicensed mechanics and parts store cashiers) access to your vehicle’s data from anywhere at any time. No thank you!


Along with diagnostic data there is what we call bi-directional controls, to better explain we can actually control certain actuators and devices in the car when we are connected whether directly or wirelessly. For example, throttle control, Shifting, electronic brakes, lights, even your power windows the list goes on. When we are connecting wirelessly, we are using a modem that is in almost all cars today. So, what does that mean? If this goes through it does not matter where you are as long as that modem is connected to a satellite there is the ability to be connected to your vehicle. This could be very bad if someone has a malicious intent. 


How the Right to Repair Law is currently, you must be licensed with NASTF (Nation Automotive Service Task Force), pay a subscription, and register with the auto manufacturers to gain access to a car’s data for a period of time. 


The new right to repair act wants this data to be free and accessible at any time (this is mostly parts stores and unlicensed shops that do not want to do all the training and pay the expense of registering with NASTF or the training that is involved). 


If anyone can get access to your car’s data, then you could have A LOT of untrained, unlicensed professionals trying to sell you things for your car or “fix” things on your car - which leads to a lot of money wasted by everyday consumers and can put drivers in unsafe vehicles.


In fact, it is estimated that there are billions of dollars spent every year on unnecessary auto repair from parts stores or uneducated shops plugging into your vehicle and reading a code and selling a part without doing the proper testing, they do not want to lose that ability (or money) which is what question 1 is all about. 


For these reasons, we will be voting NO to question 1/the Right to Repair amendment. I hope this helps!

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