Warning Signs For Brakes

Pro Automotive – Warning Signs For Brakes

One of the more important things you can do to keep you and everyone around you on the road safe is to pay attention to your brakes. How they feel and how they affect your car when you use them can help you to determine if there are issues with them. You must know what to look for so you can have any problems that arise with your vehicle taken care of immediately.

Fortunately, if you think there might be a problem, then you can bring your vehicle to us at Pro Automotive in Webster & Dudley, MA to have it looked at and have any issues taken care of. We have customers from Dudley, Webster, and even Oxford, MA and we provide many services to ensure that working with us is as convenient as possible. 

No matter what, you won’t have to worry about transportation while we are working on your car, and we are very reasonable about paying the bill after the job is done. We even provide a standard warranty on our work because we are so confident in our ability to get the job done.

Low Brake Pedal Resistance

If your brake pedal feels spongy, then you could have a serious problem with your brakes and it should be looked at immediately to prevent any harm coming to you or your vehicle. If your brake pedal isn’t resisting the force you exert on it, then it isn’t working properly, which is very dangerous. This has many causes, but the most common problem is having a fluid like air or water in your brake system.

Vehicle Drifts When Using Brakes

If your vehicle starts moving to one side when you use your brakes, then it is likely that one or more of your brakes are exerting a different amount of force than the others, which is a sign of a deeper problem. 

If you notice drifting like this, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the brakes are the problem, it can be caused by other things. This symptom, combined with other signs, will point towards the brakes. No matter what, you should get your vehicle looked at if you notice something like this happening.

Do You Smell Burning While Driving?

If your car smells like something burning while you are driving, particularly like chemicals, then you should immediately pull over. It is likely that your brake system is overheating and driving with them like this can cause them to fail entirely. Just take a few minutes on the side of the road to let them cool down, then make your way to a professional to diagnose the problem that is causing this to happen.

Bouncing When Using Brakes

Not everything that happens to your vehicle while you are using your brakes is caused by the brake system. If you notice that your car bounces up and down a lot when braking, this is probably because of your car’s shocks, not the brakes.

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