Tires with Pro Automotive

We can state the importance of tires simply: Your vehicle cannot go very well without them. Tires are your connection to the road. Tires can have issues that are often simply from wearing out. Here at Pro Automotive, we can help both educate you on what to look for with wearing tires and troubleshoot your tire issues, including repairing or replacing them. We have three locations for your convenience in Dudley, MA and Webster, MA. 

Routine Maintenance

Before we talk about how you can tell your tires are having a problem, let’s talk about routine maintenance. Regular car maintenance includes oil changes, tire rotations, brakes, filter changes, and more. We offer same day service, so many of the services we include can be done quickly. Our ASE Certified Technicians have the knowledge to tell you of potential upcoming issues and offer a keen eye for inspections. 


Issues with tires

Starting and Stopping

Poor tires can make taking off and stopping difficult. Unfortunately, good brakes cannot save poor tires. Have you stopped later than you thought in traffic or in poor conditions? You should probably get your tires looked at by us here at Pro Automotive. Bad tires that are still “working” are almost worse than flat tires. They can lure you into being over confident in your ability to stop.

Tread Wear

Worn treads can be a major issue for tires, keeping in mind that your treads are supposed to wear over time. While there are home tests for tire depth, including using a penny, we suggest you bring it to us as part of your regular care. Many people measure depth in only one place while you should measure from multiple spots. 


Uneven tread wear can result in your vehicle feeling like it’s shaking. The issue is that if tires are wearing differently, the whole vehicle will slowly become out of balance. Getting your tires rotated is necessary to keep them wearing evenly. Tire rotations are routine and Pro Automotive would love to help.


Leaks are annoying whether they are fast or slow. Having to refill your tires often is a sign that you could use help from us at Pro Automotive.

About Us

Pro Automotive fixes everything. We also offer three locations, one in Dudley and one in Webster for our customer’s convenience. We love our community, so keeping things running in our area is critical for us. Whether you are taking the kids to dance practice after school or are on your way to work every morning, our goal is to get you there safe. To keep you going, we also offer free loaner cars and a shuttle service, as well as being able to complete most repairs the same day. Our 3 year 36,000 mile warranty gives you peace of mind knowing you have a quality part installed with our backing if something happens. 


Give us a call today. Our Dudley phone number is (508) 213-4991 and our Webster phone is (508) 213-9497. 

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