Tips For Tire Pressure

If there is one thing we tend to overlook at times, it’s the tire pressure in our vehicles. Pro Automotive, your auto mechanic in Dudley, MA is providing you with some of the best tips below to ensure that your tire pressure is maintained regularly.

Without good tire pressure, it can have an effect on your vehicle performance. So it’s important to follow these tips below so you can stay on top of your tires and know when they need to be inflated, rotated, or even changed.

Let’s dive right in:

Keep your tires inflated at 32 PSI

On average, most vehicles should have their tires inflated to 32 PSI. Bigger vehicles will need a higher PSI, however. Either way, making sure your tires don’t over inflate or underinflate is key.

If your tires are over or underinflated, it can affect the fuel economy and could mean more trips to the pump. That also means more money out of your pocket. Save yourself the money and make sure that your tires are inflated regularly.

Check the pressure once a week

Anything can happen between now and the next week to your tires. That’s why you should check the tire pressure using a gauge every week. If it’s below the ideal PSI, get them inflated.

Life can get in the way and you could be busy with work, errands, or dealing with family things. For this reason, you can check your tires once a month if needed. But you should check them often if you are going on long road trips.

Your ASE certified technician near Oxford, MA will check your tires to see if they need to be changed if you bring your vehicle to one of our two Pro Automotive locations. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a warranty like our 3 year, 36,000 mile nationwide warranty anywhere else.

Change your tires in the winter

If there is one thing New England is notorious for, it’s the brutal winters. If the roads are cold and icy, the last thing you want are under inflated tires. Changing your regular tires into snow tires might be your best bet.

Our tire service near North Oxford, MA will make the change whenever you need them. During this time, you can use our loaner cars if you need to go anywhere. Or if you need a ride to and from the shop, we’ll be able to do that as well.

It’s what we do when we serve our customers. We treat you like family and nothing less.

Come see us for an inspection today

While your tire pressure may be a thing of importance, you should also make sure the rest of your car is in good shape. Pro Automotive has multiple shops near each other. But wherever you are in the area, we give you the same excellent service every time.

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