The 4 Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs Some Attention

The 4 Signs Your Vehicle’s AC Needs Some Attention

While it may not be hot quite yet, summer is quickly approaching. Here at Pro Automotive, we can fix the AC in any vehicle in the Webster, MA area. We are ASE certified auto technicians, and our mechanics can get you fixed up quickly.


However, we understand that our customers are busy. Sometimes, it’s easier to ignore the looming summer months and opt to avoid having your A/C repaired, especially when money is tight. However, you don’t want to be stuck in a sweaty and sticky situation if you can avoid it.


Here are the 4 signs that your AC is in need of some attention ASAP. If any of these apply to your car, make sure you come to our shop in Dudley, MA today.


#1 - The Vents Blow Hot Air

It may sound like a no-brainer, but if your vents are blowing hot air, you need some auto repair as soon as possible. The usual cause of this issue is leaking refrigerant. 


However, what you might not know is outside of making your car really hot, leaking refrigerant can actually damage the ozone layer. Make sure that you are taking care of that issue as soon as you possibly can. 


#2 - Abnormal Noises

If your car is making weird noises when you turn the air conditioning on, this means it’s time to come see us. A few things can cause strange noises in an AC system, such as a loose or broken belt or a compressor system that is wearing out. When a belt isn’t working, it can keep the compressor from cooling the air. 


If this is happening, make sure you come in as quickly as possible. A worn-out compressor can cause other damage to your vehicle that is better to avoid. 


#3 - Smelling Funky

If your car’s A/C is smelling a little off to you, then you need to have it serviced as quickly as possible in order to maintain your health. The smells are likely due to bacteria and mold growth in the system caused by months of little to no use. These growths can lead to respiratory infection, which is something we all want to be sure to avoid these days. Now more than ever, it is important to keep our lungs healthy and strong.


#4 - No Air is Blowing

There are a few different causes of no air coming from your vents, such as a broken dashboard control switch or a blown fuse. No matter the problem, Pro Automotive is here to help you with your AC. While you’re here, we can assist you with an oil change, tire rotation, and brake check, to ensure that your vehicle is ready-to-go for the summer months.


If you need to have your car’s Air Conditioning System serviced, call us here at Pro Automotive today at (508) 213-9497.

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