Pro Automotive’s Tire Rotations

Your vehicle has a variety of small needs on a regular basis. Unless your car is electric, you’ll need oil changes. While you are doing your oil change at Pro Automotive, you should rotate your tires too. 

Pro Automotive offers three locations, one in Dudley and one in Webster, both of which provide top notch support for the community’s vehicle needs. The owner, Jason Rousseau is a family man who is married with two kids, and he knows how to take care of your vehicle to keep your family safe, too.

What is a Tire Rotation?
Believe it or not, tire rotations don’t involve rotating your tires in place to “balance them.” Having your tires rotated literally means swapping the positions of your tires to better balance out out their wear and tear. All vehicles, front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive, have some need to move tires around after a period of miles in order to ensure they are wearing evenly. The ASE Certified Technicians at Pro Automotive will remove your tires, measure their tread depth, and help decide which places to move them into next.

When should I rotate my tires?
The first thing to do with check the manufacturer’s manual for the vehicle, and consider what kind of warranty you have on the tire. Some tire warranties require rotation after a certain number of miles to honor the warranty. The easiest way to know is to bring your vehicle in regularly for maintenance and preferably buy your tires from the same place that service,s like Pro Automotive, where we offer a great range of tires. Your service technician will also be very knowledgeable about auto repair and recommend tire rotation at the appropriate time based on your service history.

Tire Life
Tire rotation can help make your vehicle safer and extend the life of your tires. Rather than having just 2 of your tires take the impact of your vehicle’s torque for years, rotate them to the back (or whichever your service advisor recommends) to slow down wear on your vehicle’s tires. Keeping your tread wear even provides a better ride for the long run and will be less likely to wear our your vehicle’s suspension and alignment. 

Why Pro Automotive?
Pro Automotive offers many benefits, including financing options to make easy monthly payments on a set of four tires or other major service. We also offer free rides to and from our shop , your work, or wherever else you need to go locally. Most of our services are done the same day, so you can count on maintaining your busy life and not being stuck in a service lounge for hours. 

Call us today at (508) 213-4991 for our Dudley location and (508) 213-9497 for our Webster location. You can also visit our Dudley location at 199 Oxford Ave, Dudley, MA, 01571 or Webster at 626 S Main Street, Webster, MA 01570. We are happy and proud to serve you and our community at either location.

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