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What is ‘Question 1 - the Right to Repair’ about? Is it good?

What is ‘Question 1 - the Right to Repair’ about? Is it good?

Answers About Question 1: Right to Repair   We’ve been getting a lot of questions like this, “What is ‘Question 1 - the Right to Repair’ about? Is it good?”    If you’re wondering this too - here is why we are AGAINST question 1 and why we will vote NO to question 1:   Voting NO helps protect you and our community.   Basically, question 1 amends the Right to Repair Law that is already in place and requires manufacturers to install a standardized open data platform which would allow people/companies to get diagnostic data from your car wirelessly.    Question 1 would give anyone (even untrained/unlicensed mechanics and parts store cashiers) access to your vehicle’s data from anywhere at any time. No thank you!   Along with diagnostic data there is what we call bi-directional controls, to better explain we can actually control certain actuators and devices in th ... read more

4 Car Leaks You Need To Know About (And What You Need To Do)

If you are dealing with car leaks, then you might have a serious problem on your hands. Not to mention, there are different types of leaks that may come from your vehicle. Each of them involves fluids of a different color. Pro Automotive is your auto repair service in Dudley, MA. We also offer auto repair in our Webster, MA location. No matter where you are, car leaks happen all the time. We’ll show you four different areas of your vehicle where leakage can likely happen.   Keep a close eye on the following areas regularly so you can catch leaks before they start: 1.Transmission/Power Steering If you see a reddish substance leaking from your vehicle, it could mean that you are losing transmission fluid (or even power steering fluid). This could be due to a faulty transmission or a hole somewhere within the return line that is part of the power steering. Your mechanic located near Oxford, MA will be able to do a transmission evaluation to help seal off any future leaks s ... read more

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