4 Car Leaks You Need To Know About (And What You Need To Do)

If you are dealing with car leaks, then you might have a serious problem on your hands. Not to mention, there are different types of leaks that may come from your vehicle. Each of them involves fluids of a different color.

Pro Automotive is your auto repair service in Dudley, MA. We also offer auto repair in our Webster, MA location. No matter where you are, car leaks happen all the time. Well show you four different areas of your vehicle where leakage can likely happen.


Keep a close eye on the following areas regularly so you can catch leaks before they start:

1.Transmission/Power Steering

If you see a reddish substance leaking from your vehicle, it could mean that you are losing transmission fluid (or even power steering fluid). This could be due to a faulty transmission or a hole somewhere within the return line that is part of the power steering. Your mechanic located near Oxford, MA will be able to do a transmission evaluation to help seal off any future leaks so you can keep your vehicle running.



Anti-freeze or coolant will have a greenish or blue color. Any leakage of that color will signify an issue with your vehicles cooling system. Something may be wrong with the radiator, water pumps or hoses. Even using the wrong anti-freeze or coolant can cause leaks because the vehicle may reject it simply for this reason.

This is one of the fluids that may leak somewhere within the AC system. If you are looking for vehicle AC repair near Webster, MA then Pro Automotive will have ASE certified mechanics on stand by ready to stop leaks before disaster gets worse.


3.Oil Leakage

Oil keeps the engine and the parts under the hood lubricated. Typically, the fluid leaking out of your vehicle will be a shade of brown. Motor oil will be much darker compared to lubricants or fluids like brake fluid.

If you believe you are losing oil, then our mechanics will be able to pinpoint the issue and make the repairs needed. Our parts and repair come backed with a 3-year / 36,000-year warranty that just might be the best in the business. Plus, with an oil change service near Southbridge, MA like ours, we make sure your oil stays in your vehicle and never leaks out.


4.Wiper Fluid Leakage

Windshield washer fluid will typically be blue or green. Sometimes, theyll come in different colors depending on the brand. If you notice any shortage or no wiper fluid quicker than usual, then you may have a leak. At this point, the windshield wiper components will need to have a closer look.

Pro Automotive will make sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition (which theyll check during a routine inspection). If they find something wrong, theyll fix it right then and there. No leaks, no problem.


Fluid leakage? Get it checked ASAP

If you are dealing with vehicle leakage, then you may want to get it looked at as soon as possible. Pro Automotive will repair your vehicle the day you drop it off. While its at the shop, you can use one of our pre-inspected loaner vehicles if you need to run errands. If you need transport to and from the shop, well arrange a ride free of charge.


Dont wait until its too late, visit the auto shop that treats you like family. We are locally owned and operated located at 199 Oxford Ave in Dudley, MA or 626 S. Main Street in Webster, MA. Stop by either location or contact us at (508) 213-4991 (Dudley)  or (508) 213-9497 (Webster).

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