3 Common Vehicle Problems

3 Common Vehicle Problems

March Blog

Vehicle problems can happen. These three we’re about to list in this guide may be something to be aware of. Pro Automotive, your auto care shop in Dudley, MA reminds you that if there’s a problem, a professional will need to look at it.

A common problem can ruin your regular commute. Or it can cause a road trip to end abruptly. Regardless, it’s important that you get your vehicle serviced by an ASE-certified technician near Oxford, MA whatever the case might be.

Want to know what three common vehicle problems are? Take a look at the list below. Let’s get started!

1.Engine problems

Engine problems are quite serious. Think of it as the heart of your vehicle. If something is wrong, it can lead to fatal consequences if nothing is done about it.

Such problems like a clogged air filter or a damaged cylinder can be an issue. These problems can be taken care of by an auto care shop near Webster, MA. Even on the same day!

That’s where Pro Automotive comes in. While your vehicle is being looked at, use one of our loaner vehicles! Meanwhile, we’ll repair the vehicle or use high-quality parts for any needed replacements.


2.Brake problems

These problems are just as serious as your engine’s. The reason: if your brakes don’t function well, it can lead to auto accidents. You may be bumping into someone or you might crash into something yourself.

If you hear any scratching or screeching when the brakes are applied, there’s an issue. It can be worn brake pads, a leak in the system, or something major.


3.Electrical problems

Electrical problems can prevent your vehicle from starting. This issue may originate from your battery or your alternator. Whatever the case, an auto care professional near Southbridge, MA will be able to see what it could be.

Your battery might need to be changed, or it could be an alternator that is malfunctioning. They’ll be able to identify the problem in a matter of minutes.

If you have places to go like home or work, Pro Automotive can help. We offer free rides to and from the shop. No need to worry about asking anyone else for a ride!

As mentioned, we also have our free loaner cars. Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure we’ll take care of them while your vehicle is being serviced.

Vehicle problems? Come see us now!

With two locations to serve you, Pro Automotive will help figure out the vehicle problem you're facing. If it’s any of these three, you’ll want to see us as soon as you can. See us at 199 Oxford Ave, Dudley, MA 01571 or 626 S Main Street, Webster, MA 01570.

If you have any questions, you can call one of our shops. For the Dudley location, call 508-213-4991. Or call the Webster shop at 508-213-9497.

Don’t let a vehicle problem bring your commute to a halt. Call Pro Automotive today so we can keep your vehicle going!


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